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Serenity Belo

Director of Resource Development

NeighborWorks Housing Solutions

Quincy, Massachusetts

In our first webcast spotlighting an organization outside of education and healthcare, Neighbor-Works Housing Solutions' Serenity Belo does a magnificent job articulating its mission of "opening doors, changing lives." She begins by describing how working and living in Ireland had a profound impact on her early career decision. 

While commuting to Cambridge, MA, Serenity frequently saw the impact that a lack of public resources had on people. "I really wanted to be closer to my community, and closer to the people I am literally passing on my way to work." This mental shift prompted her to pivot to human services nonprofits. Serenity also describes how the past two years of the pandemic have been challenging for human services, yet she also excitedly shares specific community improvement and minority-owned business initiatives in Brockton, MA. Serenity's interview is fascinating for people in nonprofits for many reasons, including how she must build relationships in an environment that does not have grateful patients or alumni.  

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