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Brett Berger

Director of Research and Prospect Management,
Phillips Exeter Academy

Exeter, New Hampshire


Brett Berger proudly is the first guest to represent New Hampshire in my "People in Fundraising" podcast, in episode #24.

In his first decade in nonprofits, Brett has worked in public higher ed. (his alma mater, UNH), private graduate school (Harvard Business School), and now the independent schools sector, at Phillips Exeter Academy - where Brett has been the director of prospect research & management for five years.

Most of our conversation centers around the motivations and challenges Brett balances with his full-time job, his young family, and a successful side business in real estate development and investing. He has a thoughtful and considerate way of explaining his priorities: "The work is why we do it all, for our family... Being happy while supporting your family." There are a lot of good insights and what works for Brett in this part of our chat. I know listeners will also find it valuable. Thank you, Brett!

Hopefully, Brett, this post helps to soothe your beloved Mets getting bounced from the MLB postseason last night. Sorry, man!

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