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Krissy Hubbard Cannizzo

Director of Education & Outreach
The Children's Museum in Easton


In this "Friends and Family" edition of People in Fundraising, I welcome Krissy Cannizzo to the program. Krissy and I were in the same grade all the way through high school in Massachusetts. Our interview purposefully is airing on Monday, June 19th - the birthday of her step-father, George Mitchell. George was an amazing early education teacher and passionate advocate for whole-child educational, emotional, and social development.

Happy heavenly birthday, Mr. Mitchell.

Mr. Mitchell was my teacher in a special year of schooling called Readiness, which George helped launch between (what was at the time half-day only) Kindergarten and first grade. George was active and involved in Krissy's and my hometown activities for many years before his untimely passing in 2002.

Krissy movingly talks about George's incredible impact on her life and some of the wisdom he shared with her. She dreams about buying a new school bus and stocking it with STEAM resources to bring classroom/lab learning to under-developed school systems in southeastern Massachusetts, where she lives and works. This is influenced by a goal Krissy and George had many years ago.

Krissy also talks about her passion for STEAM education as the Director of Education and Outreach at The Children's Museum in Easton, MA. She has a STEAM board with info behind her during our interview, and enthusiastically talks about the importance of including "A" for Arts in the STEAM acronym. Thank you, Krissy, for a wonderful conversation! George would be so proud.

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