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Nathan Chappell &
Brian Crimmins

Co-Authors, The Generosity Crisis: 
The Case for Radical Connection to Solve Humanity's Greatest Challenges 

Nathan Chappell, the Senior Vice President at DonorSearch, and Brian Crimmins, CEO of Changing Our World, join the "People in Fundraising" weekly webcast series to discuss their recently published book, The Generosity Crisis, which they co-authored with Michael Ashley. 

In our wide-ranging conversation, Nathan and Brian talk about their individual upbringings and how philanthropy was embedded in their families' lives. They also discuss how Nathan and Brian first thought to collaborate and, later, the impetus for this timely and thought-provoking publication. The book is a holistic look at the root causes and challenges of a declining societal emphasis on philanthropy, and how Nathan, Brian, and Michael envision righting the course to improve society through data and radical connections.


This is an illuminating and fascinating conversation about The Generosity Crisis. Thank you, Nathan and Brian, for your generosity in including the "People in Fundraising" website in your promotional efforts! I highly recommend this book to anyone working in or touched by the philanthropic world.    

Aside from our conversation, you can learn more at the authors' website. You can find The Generosity Crisis on Amazon as well. 

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