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Tyler Clark

CEO and Co-Founder
Village Book Builders

Orem, Utah

In episode #39 of "People in Fundraising," Tyler Clark joins my program to discuss his non-profit, Village Book Builders. Tyler and I were connected by a prior guest, Marci Romney. 

Tyler shares how he co-founded Village Book Builders, what inspired him to devote time and energy to launching this effort, and the impact on local school children he and his team strive to make through their work. Village Book Builders' website notes that "we're reshaping the landscape of global education." To date, the nonprofit has built 20 libraries, operates in 10 countries, and has provided local library services to more than 8,000 students! 

Village Book Builders is providing books, education, and - ultimately - hope to children in Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Nepal, Mexico, and India. It offers a monthly "author village," where children's book authors speak via video to classrooms of students in one of the locations where Village Book Builders operates. Tyler describes all of these initiatives and more in a richly detailed and moving conversation. Thank you, Tyler! 

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