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Amber Countis

Vice President of Advancement
and External Relations

University of Houston-Victoria

Victoria, Texas

Amber Countis joins the People in Fundraising program from the Lone Star State, where she recently became the Vice President of Advancement and External Relations at the University of Houston-Victoria. This institution proudly serves many first-generation students.


She shares her career history, from prospect research and management to a broader and more forward-facing portfolio of responsibilities, including engaging alumni and other donors in her community. Amber talks about her tenure on the NEDRA board, as well as how having a diverse background of roles in various states has enriched her career. She discusses how in her new role, Amber has to be up-to-date on student and campus issues in order to communicate with a wide variety of donors and civic leaders, as well as bring in faculty and the board of regents to help represent their institution.


Our conversation includes Amber's reflections on mentors, as well as what she would include in a theoretical book that encapsulates her career - including how saying "yes" to volunteer opportunities has enriched her work and life. Thank you for an outstanding interview, Amber!

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