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Meena Das


Advancing Human-Centric Data Equity

Vancouver, British Columbia,





Meena Das shares her genuine and invigorating thoughts on her nonprofit career and data equity in this next "People in Fundraising" conversation! She is the first guest to represent British Columbia in this program.

Born in India, Meena is a first-gen person who moved from the tech industry to nonprofit work about five years ago. Many guests know her from Meena's free e-newsletters, "Dear Human" and "Data Uncollected," and her other free resources at I became acquainted with Meena through her LinkedIn presence and quickly grew to admire Meena for her insights and humility. 

Meena talks about:

* How to sustain our nonprofit work with joy

* Her desire to see "everyone feel represented in the data and comfortable in it"

* Why her "Learn, Write, and Reflect" approach every seven or eight weeks helps Meena to stay centered

* How volunteering uplifts, connects, and empowers everyone

All of Meena's thoughts on these topics are superb. I was also particularly struck by Meena's encouragement to ponder and write down answers to her question, "What three metrics define the success of your life?" 

Thank you, Meena, for a totally engaging, kind, and powerful conversation! I learned a good deal from you and take away other insights about how I see my life, and surely other listeners will, too!

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