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Brandie Evans

Co-Executive Director,
Legacy Preparatory Academy

Bountiful, Utah

In my last "People in Fundraising" episode published in 2022, Brandie Evans joins the program from her office at Utah-based Legacy Preparatory Academy. She details choosing a minor in Nonprofit Studies at the University of Utah, a first step in her eventual career with the nonprofit world.

Brandie talks about balancing her career pursuits with a young daughter and a diagnosis, as well as serving on the board of Legacy Preparatory Academy, which enrolls about 1,000 children. She went from a broad portfolio of responsibilities to focusing on events at Intermountain Healthcare Foundation.

Highlights of our conversation:

*The personal reasons that drew Brandie to a full-time job at Legacy Preparatory Academy

*Legacy’s building boom and planning for its 20th anniversary in 2024

*Tapping into the experience of first-generation alumni to help current students

*The current hot-button debate about parental involvement in childhood education and curriculum content and how Legacy frames these as “lessons in learning and social skill development”

*Brandie’s involvement with the Children’s Tumor Foundation and its impact on her family – connections to other families and kids, annual charity events, and a community of people who have faced similar challenges.

It was a delight to reconnect with Brandie and give her this time to share her career path as well as her involvement with charities that directly and positively impact her family!

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