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Cayden Ferrin

Associate Director, Prospect Development

University of Wyoming Foundation

Laramie, Wyoming

Cayden Ferrin of the University of Wyoming Foundation is the 23rd guest in my "People in Fundraising" podcast/webcast, and I am so pleased to share his thoughts on our profession here. Cayden has been in prospect research for just 4 years, joining Robby Tabuchi's team of now 6 prospect management and research staff, and it is exciting to hear about Cayden's professional development in that time.


Cayden talks about how he brings his graduate studies in philosophy and public administration to his positions at Wyoming. He credits Robby with being a mentor who fostered Cayden's love of research. In articulating Cayden's educational background, he shares how his position of privilege instilled in him a desire to give back through higher education.


We also discuss the meaning of moments in one's career. For Cayden, moments that stand out are ones where he feels a sense of accomplishment and has opportunities through his day-to-day work to support scholarships and student achievement. These are the reason for Cayden's passion about the work he does.


Our interview wraps up with a fascinating conversation about Cayden's interest in abductive reasoning and how he applies critical thinking approaches to his core responsibilities as the University's Associate Director of Prospect Development.

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