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Jennifer Filla

Prospect Research Institute;

and Consultant,
Aspire Research Group

Tampa, Florida


Nonprofit Prospect Research is full of generous people sharing their talents and enthusiasm for our work in fundraising. To welcome one of the most enthusiastic, generous, and insightful leaders, Jennifer Filla, to my webcast is an honor!

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Jennifer establishing the Prospect Research Institute! Jennifer had earlier also launched Aspire Research Group, which has overseen the Institute for the last two years.

Jennifer shares her first entre into prospect research and the later publication, co-authored with Helen E. Brown, "Prospect Research for Fundraisers." She also discusses her aspiration for how the Prospect Research Institute can provide credentials to people in our industry and be a community go-to source for rigorous research and training, featuring prospect research experts as consultant trainers.

We talk about how the perspective "If you want personal growth, start a business" resonates with both of us. It can be intense but also highly motivating to write a book, launch a consulting firm, and host a podcast, all of which Jennifer does. Jennifer shares how she tries to balance excitement, saying "yes" too often, rest, and finding what energizes her.

Jennifer concludes our conversation by recollecting that she started in prospect research when the field was small and intimate. As our profession has grown, it is important to maintain that nurturing of those new to our field by sharing our expertise. Thank you, Jennifer, for a riveting and very enjoyable conversation!

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