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Rachel Fournier

Principal, Foundation Relations

American Cancer Society

Philadelphia/New Jersey

Talking with Rachel Fournier, a friend of mine since our high school days, was a delight! It was fun to reminisce about our younger years and our time at UMass-Amherst, and Rachel caught me and our listeners up on how her career began. She describes how her longtime involvement with Girl Scouts stirred a desire to help her community.

From there, Rachel shares how marriage, relocations, and raising young children influenced career decisions. Years later, a cancer diagnosis led to obvious and necessary changes in Rachel's family and work. Seven years on, Rachel is healthy and fortunately able to return to full-time work at the American Cancer Society. She movingly describes the impact cancer has had on her life and how it infuses her work and the connections she makes with patients. I am grateful to know Rachel for most of my life, and grateful to have this conversation with a dear friend. 

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