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Roger Fussa

Leadership and Planned Giving Officer, 

Buckingham, Browne & Nichols (BB&N)

Cambridge, MA

Roger joins our podcast from his office at in-dependent school BB&N. As he relates in our interview, Roger enjoys listening to (and occasionally turning up the volume on) all sorts of music at work- Rolling Stones, the blues, Sound of Music, etc.! His musical tastes are as varied and dynamic as his career path has been. He recounts working in frontline fundraising, digital marketing and writing, alumni relations, and planned giving at several leading East Coast institutions over the last two decades.


A cinephile and history lover, Roger talks about how he has found opportunities to blend his personal and family interests into his career. He shares invaluable coaching lessons from two leaders early in Roger's career, and how he has applied those teachings to work and homelife settings.  

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