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Kyle Garvey

Associate Director of Major Gifts
College of Engineering
Northeastern University

Boston, Massachusetts

15 episodes across 10 states (20% toward my goal of interviewing at least one person from each state) in "People in Fundraising," and today I am excited to share my conversation with someone who has worked in nearly that many roles and organizations: Kyle Garvey.


Kyle's development career has spanned higher education, management, law, environmental research, healthcare, and now engineering fundraising, in Annual Fund as well as Major and Principal Gifts. His description of engineering's everyday impact at about the 31-minute mark is enlightening.


I was really interested to learn how Kyle dedicates time to becoming knowledgeable about the programs, initiatives, and funding needs for these diverse, technical fundraising focuses - and his thoughtful answer is sure to help other fundraisers. Also, Kyle describes balancing work and his young family; working at centralized and de-centralized shops; and the "globe-trotting" nature of higher education fundraising. He also gives a shout-out to two instrumental managers early in his career: Kristin Naragon and Nida Januskis, who is an upcoming "People in Fundraising" guest.


Thank you Kyle for a fascinating conversation!

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