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Carey Greggila

Executive Director of Development

Cleveland Clinic


It's my pleasure to feature as a "People in Fundraising" guest Carey Greggila, who is the Executive Director of Development at Cleveland Clinic, the world's leading heart institute, where "everything that has to do with the heart" is Carey's fundraising outcomes responsibility.

Carey discusses how heart disease is #1 threat to human life, the leading killer of people worldwide in every single demographic – and how that sobering static motivates grateful patients and their families to support Cleveland Clinic. We also discuss:

* work parameters for communicating with Carey's colleagues in Abu Dhabi, London, and other locations around the world.

* developing genetic research studies using AI that seek to predict when someone will have a heart attack. Early heart imaging screenings and basic cardiology work-up strongly recommended for people with a genetic predisposition to heart disease. “Survival is something we know how to do, so it’s all about longevity and quality of life now.”

Carey starts and concludes our conversation by detailing the critical role that work relationships have had on her career. A mentor, Joan O’Neill at Yale, advised Carey to go into higher education fundraising. Carey then reported to Harvard Business School development director Jon Schaffrath, a guest in "People in Fundraising" season 1.

Thank you for an incredible conversation, Carey! 

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