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Marla Habert

Managing Senior Director of Philanthropy

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A decade into her nonprofit career, Wisconsin native Marla Habert has worked in her home state and in the Boston area, in both higher education and healthcare. That range of experience and successive leadership roles are reasons I was excited to welcome Marla to our podcast series. 

Marla and I left Harvard Business School on almost the exact same day in 2018 - and our going-away parties were one day apart! She recounts returning to Milwaukee and the benefit of knowing the community and its needs as she manages a team of gift officers at Froedtert (Fray-dert) and the Medical College of Wisconsin. In our wide-ranging chat, Marla touches on resources, managing teams, the grind of fundraising, and working toward her goal as a young professional "to lead an organization that is meaningful to me." She is well on her way! 

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