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Rich Horne

Director, Prospect Development & Research

Vassar College

Poughkeepsie, New York

After 10 episodes featuring terrific guests from frontline fundraising, prospect management and research gets its turn in the "People in Fundraising" spotlight! Rich Horne joins us from Vassar College in New York State, where he is the Director of Prospect Development & Research. I appreciated Rich's eagerness to be a guest on our program; our interview was held less than two weeks after I invited him on.


Beginning with his time in the U.S. Marine Corps (Rich comes from a military family background) and the legal profession, Rich explains how he became aware of, and then joined, the prospect management and research field. Along the way, he shares insights about the benefit of mentors to his career progress, the tremendous learning and development one gets from Apra chapters like NEDRA, and teaching a multi-session High Finance course to prospect development staffers.

Rich excitingly talks about top-level strategy making in a multi-hospital environment, prospect management in higher ed and healthcare, and research in higher ed and healthcare. I am grateful to feature Rich as our inaugural prospect development rep on "People in Fundraising." Thank you, Rich!

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