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Lucas Horns

Project Rainbow Utah


In celebration of Pride Month, Utah native Lucas Horns joins the People in Fundraising webcast to discuss his founding role at Project Rainbow Utah. This nonprofit, now in its fifth year, has numerous programs and initiatives to raise awareness and provide resources for the LGBTQIA+ community in this conservative state (take it from me, a New Englander).

Lucas shares his personal background for launching this nonprofit, which among other activities uses a team of volunteers across the state to plant Pride flags in donors' lawns. I have been a flag-staking volunteer a few times since moving to Utah in 2018, and it's a really worthwhile effort. Lucas has been involved in queer advocacy for over a decade, and his commitment to supporting Utah's LGBTQIA+ community is remarkable.

Thank you, Lucas, for a terrific conversation and your drive for social justice. 

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