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Amanda Hoskins

Assistant Vice President of
Advancement Services

Oregon Health & Sciences
University Foundation

Portland, Oregon

"A sequence of experience and luck" over Amanda Hoskins' richly diverse career in healthcare nonprofits brought her to her current role as the Assistant Vice President of Advancement Services at Oregon Health & Sciences University Foundation (OHSU). Amanda is the first person to represent Oregon in my podcast series.


You are in for a treat as Amanda shares terrific insights about building and refining grateful patient/grateful families fundraising programs starting at the 21-minute mark. In addition, Amanda is passionate about the interdependencies of various roles and departments at OHSU; she currently oversees a team of about 30 people across Information Technology, Annual Giving, Prospect Management & Research, Business Intelligence, and Gift Administration, most of whom live in Oregon and work hybrid schedules.


Amanda also talks about onboarding at OHSU months before the pandemic and how, as Oregon was one of the last U.S. states to re-open, she and her team have been developing new norms. Amanda is a very strong advocate for ensuring her staff members have the flexibility they need, and observes that these teams are thriving and staying well-connected in a hybrid structure.


Thank you, Amanda, for such an insightful conversation!

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