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Nhu Huynh

Director, Research and
Prospect Management

University of Chicago
Booth School of Business

Chicago, Illinois

In Episode #32 of People in Fundraising, Nhu Huynh joins my weekly webcast to share her career journey. She has been at the U. of Chicago Booth School of Business for just under 1 year, after roles at Loyola University Chicago and Harvard.

Nhu talks about relocating to work fully remote, leaving and joining teams during the pandemic - and how her goal to manage a team of prospect development professionals has come about. Nhu mentions Amy Bagley Begg and Adele Beekman as people who helped her in the early days of Nhu's career.


Highlights of our really enjoyable and introspective conversation:

* Nhu is first-generation and the first child in her family to enroll in a 4-year higher ed. institution

* Her degrees in theological studies and philosophy, and Thomas Merton's "The Seven Storey Mountain"

* The 3 key reasons why Nhu does the work that she does in the nonprofit world

* Curious about how to manage people well and help the people she manages see themselves as leaders. Manage to peoples’ strengths. Strive to communicate well. Be clear about her own expectations. Is my vision clear? Are my expectations clear?

* Growth mindset over perfection/ impactful mindset over a Q mindset

* "Exposure to leaders at your organization is hard if you are not invited to the table"

* Following leaders of color on CASE Faculty and on LinkedIn, in particular Peter Hayashida, M.B.A.

* Would love to see more women of color in leadership positions.

* How to make prospect development a true community and stay invested in its evolution to welcome more young professionals and people of color.

Thank you for an awesome and enlightening conversation, Nhu!

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