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Neida Jimenez

Director of Major Gifts
D'Amore-McKim School of Business
Northeastern University

Boston, Massachusetts

Neida Jimenez is my guest in Episode 17 of "People in Fundraising," and the candor and confidence she infused our conversation with are remarkable. Well worth your time! Neida talks about her passion for Major Gifts fundraising, and how bad chapters involving angry donors can end up as successful conclusions as fundraisers build relationships where angry donors are heard.


In a half-hour full of Neida's enlightening perspective, she talks about how white hairs are an asset; how being a seasoned nonprofit professional is empowering for women like her; how the programs she raises funds for will outlive her, the donors, and the initial recipients; and the challenges in Neida's career of not having similar mentorship opportunities as other colleagues.

Neida talks candidly about her passion to diversify the fundraising profession, where "there aren't many people who look like me." Hear what Neida is doing to change that with "a beautiful rainbow of color and experiences," starting at the 21-minute mark. It's phenomenal!

Thank you Neida for such a rewarding and enjoyable conversation!

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