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Lydia Kamicar

Education and Learning Director,

Chicago, Illinois

Lydia Kamicar does a terrific job explaining the association management company Smithbucklin's involvement with client nonprofit organizations in Episode #30 of "People in Fundraising."


Lydia and I have worked together on various committees for Apra International, a global organization for professionals in prospect development, research, and data analytics, and I am glad to spotlight a part of the nonprofit world that is outside of traditional donor engagement roles and organizations.

Highlights of our conversation:

*The summer 2022 Apra International conference, its first since 2019!

*The years-long dynamics of discussing, planning, and running in-person events and online webinars with client leadership and committee volunteers - and how we bring that all to life!

*Moments that stand out over her 18 years' career at Smithbucklin - including her first-ever work conference in the face of dire external weather events and internal company changes

*The power and motivation of creativity in Lydia's professional and personal lives

*Focusing on audience/attendee engagement with constantly changing tech advancements and participants' learning goals

*Reflecting on what the last few years have been like and what they mean for our careers ahead.

Thank you, Lydia, for your insights about the association management industry - and thank you for being a great partner with many of us in Apra!

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