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Amy Lampi

Associate Vice President, BWF

Co-Author, "BeneFactors: Why Some Fundraising Professionals Always Succeed" with BWF's CEO, Josh Birkholz

Houston, Texas

Special “People in Fundraising” episode today, featuring BWF’s Amy Lampi, who co-authored the just-published book, “BeneFactors: Why Some Fundraising Professionals Always Succeed,” with BWF’s CEO Josh Birkholz!

Amy and I spoke yesterday, part of her and Josh’s book launch efforts. I was so honored to welcome Amy to my program. She and Josh are also holding an official book launch this Friday morning at Rice University. Amy and Josh are also speaking on Friday, October 21st, 2022 at AFP Lead!


“BeneFactors” is designed to help educate board members, CEO’s, emerging fundraising leaders, and longtime philanthropic professionals alike. It offers a primer on the soft skills in philanthropy as it seeks to guide, affirm, and inspire people in the nonprofit field.


In our conversation, Amy focuses on how the word “philanthropy” means the love of humanity. “How are we, as development professionals, connecting donors with their passion? That is the love of humanity. We are here for a higher calling. We are here to advance the missions of our organizations. I see that as what I am meant to do!” She also firmly believes that “Development is all about the connecting business…Other people add to my life, as I hope to add to theirs. Collaborative fundraising is our future. In lifting each other up, we become stronger people and stronger organizations. Some of the best relationships are rooted in trust, gratitude, and giving.”


You can find Amy’s and Josh’s book on Amazon.

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