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Jimmy Martello

Vice President
Intermountain Health Foundation

Salt Lake City, Utah


In honor of Veterans Day this Friday, November 11th, 2022, I am pleased to have welcomed a veteran to my "People in Fundraising" program: Jimmy Martello. 

Jimmy is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he played football. After graduation, he served in the Air Force as an aircraft maintenance officer for several years. In our conversation, Jimmy describes how he learned about the nonprofit world and what sparked his curiosity in this field. This led to him working at his alma mater in his first nonprofit role. 

Other highlights of our conversation:

* Re-framing the common answer ("I fell into it") to the question, "How did you enter philanthropy?" People often limit the time explaining their career route to a profession that doesn't have a clear path built into the collegiate experience and other mechanisms. 
* His mother's influence on Jimmy from a personal and professional perspective. 
* Philanthropy demonstrates the power of investing in big ideas.
* What motivates Jimmy's personal philanthropy.

Thank you Jimmy for an insightful conversation and for serving our country and your efforts to support other veterans who return home from duty. 


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