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   Brian Robinson

    Director of Research, 
  The FOCUS Group

  St. Augustine, Florida

"People in Fundraising" continues its expansion across the country, and today I am proud to feature my interview with Brian Robinson, who lives in Florida.


Brian and I became acquainted a few months ago during a two-day Apra virtual open house, and we kept getting slotted into the same breakout sessions. He was friendly and great to connect with, and I wanted to have him on our program to share what he did at his remote prospect research employer, The FOCUS Group. At the time of our conversation, Brian was still leading research efforts there. He was also heavily involved with membership recruitment and retainment for the Apra Florida chapter.


Days after we spoke, Brian accepted an exciting position outside of the nonprofit world. Because he offered a unique fundraising perspective as someone who has put his heart and hands into building a faith community in West Virginia, I wanted to spotlight Brian and the ways he gives back to causes that mean a lot to him. Plus, Brian's answer to my question, "What advice would you give your younger self?" is thought-provoking and so insightful.


Thank you for being a terrific guest in "People in Fundraising," Brian! Best wishes in your new role.

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