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Marci Romney



Salt Lake City, Utah

Marci Romney gives a very informative, and very moving, account of her role at Coafrica, in Episode #21 of "People in Fundraising." I was not prepared for how powerful her stories would be of the need for schoolrooms in Africa, where Coafrica seeks to construct classrooms.


In her role as Coafrica's Director, Marci shares how the nonprofit builds strong coalitions with other nonprofits and people on the ground to empower local employment and buy-in. She talks about all of the logistics (labor, materials, government involvement, alumni) that go in to their initiative and partnerships with other NGO’s. Also how they evaluate coalition and community partners.


At 25-min. mark, Marci begins a wonderful and emotional account of her first visit to various Coafrica completed, prospective, and under construction sites in several African nations: Togo, Benin, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The images of students leaning in to windows to hear lessons, as kids cheering and crying to have desks and textbooks delivered to them, are astounding. Marci kindly shared some photos and videos of Coafrica's impact, which are in my Comments section.


At the 39-min. mark, Marci shares her vision for Coafrica’s future and its impact on countless children in the countries it currently serves – as well as countries in which it aspires to operate. Please visit to learn more about its mission and donations. Thank you Marci for an incredibly powerful conversation!

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